Mini handmade Christmas treat gift baskets craft tutorial

These little Christmas Treat Baskets are just perfect for holding a handful of yummy sweets for a little gift for friends, family, neighbours, teachers, employees, postman, hairdresser etc etc - most people I know would be happy to receive one! Good job they are quick & simple to make!

I found the tutorial on Vicky Hayes blog  - her baskets were made for Easter so I've given thema  seasonal twist!

In real life the baskets measure around 3" x 2" so only little presents need apply to be wrapped in them - although some of my most coveted and treasured presents have been the ones in the smallest packages (pale blue boxes with white satin ribbons are always the best boxes!

Our tree and decorations will be going up this weekend and I will spend hours lovingly and carefully unwrapping my collection of vintage glass ornaments - my tree is my pride and joy each year and at 7.5ft tall commands a lot of attention! Have you done yours yet?


Handmade paper pine cone ornament Christmas decoration tutorial

Aren't these paper pinecone ornaments just darling? Want to make one of your own? I used some left over Christmas themed paper which is full of great patterns in my favourite winter pale blue, silver & white colours and I followed this fabulous paper pine cone ornament tutorial found here.

The pine cones are super easy to make, just a little repetitive with the folding but I did mine watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey - can't wait for the Christmas episode! The leaves were cut usinga leaf punch and then slavered in silver glass glitter for extra sparkle.

You can just see the little pins holding the layers in place - at least they're silver and coordinate too!

If you're looking for more handmade Christmas craft decoration ideas then take a look at ...


Handmade silver stars Christmas garland decoration

A simple star handmade sparkly Christmas garland .... super quick, super shiny & super inexpensive!

 I used star stamps of varying sizes and patterns stamped in silver metallic ink, some silver glitter which could be sprinkled on or embossed with a heat tool and then strung with linen thread to hang it from. 

Happy stamping!


December Daily art journalling 2014 days 1-5

Here are the first few pages of my December Daily art journalling project for 2014. I've used a wide variety of materials from Studio Calico, Pretty Little Studio, Pink Paislee, Teresa Collins and a huge bundle of Christmas emphemera from Julie Kirk at Notes on Paper, one of my favourite journalling artists.

This years December journalling prompts that I created to were:

1. The meaning of Christmas for me

2. Plans for December

3. Best gift memories

4. All about Christmas Cards

I'll be sharing more next week (yes I have created more than 4 pages seen as it is the 10th December!)

How's your December Daily coming together?

Pretty packaging and gift wrap ideas for home made jams, preserves, canned & chutneys mason jars

Something pretty for you if you're canning, jamming, preserving or baking this week - preserve gift wrap & packaging ideas! 

You can't beat home grown and home made gift giving and as usual I felt the  urge to pretty up the jar beforehand ;)

Using some old fabric I cut scallop edge circles and then tied these onto the jars with twine. Using a flower shape punch I made a layered flower out of scraps of paper which matched the colour scheme on the fabrics - can't beat a bit of colour coordinatio! 

A tea doily, a decorative label using sweetly framed and some hand cut banners and stamping and the jar was ready to gift!

Happy gifting!

Vintage theme Christmas Vignette inspiration

Here's a sneak peek at this year's vintage theme Christmas vignette that graces the Vintage Celebrations fireplace, resplendant in shades of cream, natural, gold and silver sparkles. 

The decorations have been built up over the years - there are so many now I may have to buy a bigger fireplace ;) 

The wooden tree and mini wreath are from Hunt Bespoke Kitchens in Bloxham whilst the Believe angel, the glittered stags are from Wyevale Garden Nurseries in Bicester, the patinated glass is from Next & Dunelm Mill and the gorgeously fragranced candles are from White Mgick Alchemy in the USA and are magically named Yule Faerie Silver Forest & North Woods Winter White (I always have a totally spot on Old English Egg Nog with cream, rum, spiced sugar, bourbon & vanillascented candle which smells good enough to eat from them!). The large wall mirror is from Next, the tall pillar candles either side of the fireplace are from Next and the fire itself is from Dimplex - the Alameda Opti Mist

Happy December Decorating!


December Daily craft project 2014

Are you up for the December Daily creativity challenge? 

December Daily is a month long art, journalling, scrapbooking and paper crafting project showcasing the daily highlights of the Yule season. 

There are no rules, you don't have to consider yourself artistic or creative and you can use whichever medium you are most comfortable with - fabric, paper, paint, clay, yarn, metal or a mixture of all - the choices are endless!

This year, I'm using scrapbooking materials, magazine cutouts, project life paraphenalia and scraps of inspiration & creativity found from everyday life.

Follow my daily journey and prompts and join in the festive fun by sharing your December daily pages here too!

Join in the Christmas cheer and chat with me on Facebook on my Vintage Celebrations page! 

Scentsy candle warmers & wax fragrances for comforting, cosy, fresh & clean smelling houses, offices, cars & personal accessories

For all my lovely discerning, cultured,sophisticated & luxury loving aroma-holic friends who love homes, cars, bags, desks, offices (even kids & other halves lol) to smell comforting, cosy, clean, fragrant, delicious, sweet, delightful, aromatic, delectable, homely & warm (or to smell as though you've been baking all day a la Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood - you choose!) you're welcome to nab some freebie samples for your own private sniff-a-thon of my new range of 80+ Scentsy scented candle fragrances.
Lasting longer than ordinary scented candles at 75-100 hours of fragrance, no soot/lead/smoke or naked flame required (the heated wax only reaches body temperature so perfect if you have children or pets around, at work or anywhere a flame can't be used) & packed full of more fragrance oil than other leading jar candle brands- Scentsy makes economical & safety sense too!

Top of my favourites Scentsy candle smells list so far are the Christmas & Autumn scents with names that recreate the smells & memories of childhood festivities like sugar cookie, sticky cinnamon bun, winter pine, christmas cottage, frosted ginger cookie, honey pear cider, iced pine, autumn blaze maple, snoberry & cozy fireside - is it ever too early for the house to smell Christmassy? 
If you can't make it, don't have time, live too far away or couldn't bear to be in my company for that amount of time (no questions asked)  then never fear - I can simply send the sniffs to you!

How to hand make a layered paper bow using paper scraps

Here's a quick, simple & cute way to adorn a gift, card or decoration - a hand made paper bow

Easy to make, you simply take 2 scraps of different size rectangular shaped paper and then fold each one over until the opposite ends meet and secure with glue. 

Layer several on top of each other for a more decadent effect! 

how to hand make a paper bow by Lisa Barton Vintage Celebrations

Do you have any bow tips & techniques you'd like to share?

How to make a hand made rolled paper flower wreath home decoration or gift

I'm in the mood for decorating this week!

I found some old half circle solid polystyrene wreaths in the garage and thought they could do with cheering up with my favourite rolled paper flowers and some old ribbon and voila some new decorations!

To make the wreaths, simply wind your favourite ribbon around the polystyrene base covering it and secure at the back with some hot glue or strong adhesive

Then cut different size squares of paper for your flowers. Taking each square in turn cut a spiral into it - some with straight edges and some with wavy edges for variety.

Then starting at the end of the spiral start to roll the paper over and over until you get to the centre of the spiral which you can tuck underneath and glue to make a base. 

Gently let the spiral unfurl to make your flowers! 

Here they are in situ  ...

Have you re-purposed any garage finds lately?
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